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Welcome to my blog. It's good to have you here. I hope you'll enjoy reading about my writing and knitting exploits.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Look at these beauties! Now you might think my darling husband gave these to me, but no he didn't. We stopped giving each other Valentine's gifts a few years ago. We still exchange cards, which is lovely.

A dear knitting friend of mine sent these to me. And boy, talk about brightening a room and lifting a spirit out of the winter doldrums - these gorgeous flowers do it.

Of course, Ben had to check them out. Anything that comes in this house has to pass Ben's approval. And Dee's beautiful bouquet passed the picky cat's test.

I've been so lucky to meet some wonderful people online. That's right - Dee and I have never met in person - yet. She lives in Missouri and I live in Virginia. But our mutual love of knitting connected us to begin with and since then we have connected on so many levels. In fact, it's hard for me to remember a time when Dee wasn't in my life. And I hope she feels the same about me.

No matter our age, we need good friends in our lives. I hope as you think about Valentine's Day, you'll think not just of your partner, but of all of your loved ones - family and friends. And count your blessings just like I'm counting mine today.

Now a few more pictures of these beauties.


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