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Welcome to my blog. It's good to have you here. I hope you'll enjoy reading about my writing and knitting exploits.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Sprossling is Born

I seem to be very good at starting projects. Not so great at finishing them - or so it seems. But I've made a mid-year resolution to try to finish up some long standing and ignored knitting projects.

Some got stuffed in bags at Christmastime to try to tidy up the house. My projects seem to take over. Lately I've "found" my Daybreak Shawl and I'm working a few rows on that every day. But my biggest accomplishment is finished Sprossling - my beautiful sweater.

Last fall I took a blocking class from the very talented Anne Hanson and learned everything I needed to know to block the sweater. But I didn't think I had the room to do the blocking. Well, that problem was solved when friends recommended buying a folding sweater blocking mat (I got mine from WEBS, but there are other places that sell this great project, too.

In no time, hours maybe, I had all of the pieces blocked and I started on seaming the pieces together. I'd never attempted the mattress stitch before but after reading up on it and watching several You Tube videos, I was ready to go.

Found the perfect buttons for this sweater and voila, finished.

No shots with me wearing my Sprossling because it has been too hot for wool. But I will add some later.

I'm busy now working on a SWAP KAL on Ravelry. My wonderful swap partner gifted me with some yummy Sundara yarn in lilac and I'm making a second Miss Doolittle Scarf. Here's a picture of my work in progress.
Next time, hopefully you'll get to see finished shots. Miss Doolittle is another Knitspot pattern.

On the writing front, I've started a book that's going to be fun to write. It's about a fortune teller and has some cute twists and turns.

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ladyoftheloom said...

What a gorgeous sweater Kat!!! I love to knit sweaters and that one is going on the list.